Saturday, 23 September 2017

Worship Nadiya

So those who know me will know I'm not the kind of guy who stays in on a Saturday night to watch Strictly Come Dancing! But that's exactly what I was forced into this evening for reasons we won't go into!

Thanks heavens I did - because tonight, the first episode of the new series introduced Britain to its brand new professional dancer - tall blonde goddess Nadiya Bychkova (sheesh what a name!)

Along with no doubt thousands of other starry-eyed girl worshippers across the UK, I was glued to the TV, lost in my imagined fantasies!

I have fallen in love with this woman! She's tall, blonde, sexy, graceful - with beautiful long legs - and she can dance like you wouldn't believe!

 Nadiya looks even better on camera - as I think you'll agree...

But here's what tops it all about this gorgeous blonde goddess: it's been discovered that she's an ex-Playboy Playmate - and no stranger to showing off that gorgeous figure in all its glory...

Look at that first photo! Suffice to say having never been a fan of shows where people ballroom dance around a stage - I seem to have discovered a late and sudden passion for it! I wonder why...

Friday, 22 September 2017

Article by Darryl

A submission from blog reader Darryl - aka BushidoSamurai: he's a retired US Marine, 58, 6'3'', 248 lbs Black man based in San Diego, CA. He loves "fine food and fine white women"! I certainly don't blame him! With typical intelligence, he writes: 

"Times are changing. Just sixty years ago in the United States it was still illegal for a Black man to have sexual intercourse and marry a white woman, Black men were still lynched in parts of the South for this very offence.  White men unable to control their jealousy were driven mad and led to bloody and murderous acts through the rage of imagining their soft white flowers in the embrace of a strong, powerful Black buck. The combination of inferior feelings, jealousy and unacknowledged hornyness at the thought led to the end of many Black men.

Today, due to many factors, the civil rights movement, feminist advances and the power this gave white women to make their own sexual choices and the ascent of the Black man to the top echelons of sports and music, Black men and white women has now become the sexual flavor of the day and rather than trying to stop this more and more white men are now finding joy in the situation. 

For a Black man there are many reasons he would choose a white woman. The Black man of today finds himself with more options than he has experienced before and the clear option for the Black man of today is the white woman. This may seem a controversial idea to some in the community but this is the truth and the Black mans role is to be a bearer of truth in this world.

A white woman can offer a Black man the kind of womanhood that he no longer receives from a black woman. Many black women let themselves go physically and sexually and to a Black man this is unacceptable. Black men do not allow outside factors to stop their self pride and this a trait that is shared with the white woman, who has withstood centuries of indignation at the hands of the white man. It is time for us to rescue each other Brothas and white women.  

The second factor is the undeniable sexual chemistry between a Black man and a beautiful white woman. Centuries of trying to keep us apart has only heightened this powerful sexual bond but it is in fact an ancient tradition. Many ancient Indian and African art works depict Black male god with their white concubines and in ancient Rome powerful women were known to enjoy sexual encounters with Black slaves and gladiators.

 The way a white woman behaves is also an important part of why they are a better choice for a Black man today. White women behave perfectly in public and carry themselves with class, they can be taken and shown off anywhere with pride and the comfort of knowing she wont catch an attitude over a minor matter.

White women embrace their natural femininity fully and are eager to listen and take guidance from a strong man, this leads to happiness on both sides as the woman learns and grows at the hands of her Black man and the Black man gets to enjoy the natural order that life has intended for him and the white man has stolen for centuries. 

That day is over, Brothas it is time to look to the future and take what is ours, white women it is time for you to be fully appreciated and enjoyed for the beautiful women that you are. We are here, the time is now."


Monday, 18 September 2017

Emily 2.0

I've posted previously about gorgeous Australian goddess Emily Sears - a statuesque, 5 foot 8 blonde with an incredible 32DD - 24 - 36 figure.

Emily is a social media influencer well worth following for her bold, intelligent, insightful postings on everything from race and feminisim to white male privilege and interracial dating.

When Emily is not keeping us boys in check, she is blessing us with her incredible beauty in the most amazing lingerie shoots - one of which I've just discovered and posted to my Tumblr here:

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Ask...and you will discover

Recently I put up a post called "Sightings At The Gym".

This morning I was back in the same gym for my regular weekend training session and once again struggling to pay attention to my trainer whilst at the same time trying not to go dizzy with intoxication.

Trying to concentrate on working out in a place with so many stunningly sexy women in super sexy revealing gym gear - and so many powerful looking alpha Black guys prowling around (both trainers and gym members) is far from easy: the sexual energy in this place is electric!

I hadn't seen her since last time, but I was midway through my workout when in walked the older blonde woman I talked about in my previous Gym Sightings post. Once again this lady was looking absolutely knockout - like an ex model or lap dancer in her (mid?) 40s who has clearly had some expensive work done with the enhanced puffed lips and tits.

She's something to behold - tall, with long tanned legs on view, tiny little work out shorts that showcase a beautiful shapely rear, a toned flat stomach and the enhanced breasts straining to be free from the tiny work out crop top. I've never seen her not wearing a baseball cap - which to me somehow really adds to her sexiness.

This time I thought "nothing ventured nothing gained" and I decided to ask my trainer about her. He's a young mixed-race guy and the two of us get on well, so I said: "Listen mate, what do you know about the super hot blonde over there?"

He looked at me knowingly. His reply was unexpected and astounding.

"Ohhhh her!" he said with a smile. "She's in here all the time mate. She's got a crush on one of the other trainers. Last week she told him that she spends so much time here at the gym so she can work off all her sexual energy. She said otherwise she'd be out fucking lots of hot Black guys like him!"

My jaw hit the floor. "She really said that?...The trainer she has a crush on - which one is he?" I asked.

"Marcus." he said. I knew the one he meant. Marcus is a tall, dark-skinned, shaved-head Black guy with muscles on his muscles. Trainer royalty.

"Oh my word. Lucky guy!" I said, as I struggled to concentrate to finish the rest of my workout.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Gabby and Marcel going strong!

The interracial love affair that captured Britain is still going strong - weeks after Love Island came to an end!

Gorgeous Gabby Allen was photographed in Vegas with her boyfriend Marcel and it was clear they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Chilling by the pool, blonde fitness instructor Gabby relaxed in a sexy peach swimsuit, which was cut high to show off her legs and peachy ass. As she doted on Marcel, he certainly seemed to be enjoying the show - as will their millions of young fans following their every sexy move...

Sunday, 10 September 2017


Cheers to all the beautiful modern white women embracing their sexuality, dressing sexily, knowing exactly which buttons to press and furthering the #IRrevolution!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Blacked: Nicole's return

Gorgeous Nicole Aniston is BACK... to Blacked!

As Blacked becomes the NEW Playboy - and continues to sweep the board in adult entertainment - hopefully famous Penthouse Pet Nicole will enocurage other high profile and equally gorgeous models to give going Blacked a try!

In her new scene, Nicole stars as a woman who is way too busy for relationships, but loves to have fun whenever she feels the need. When she exchanges numbers with one of the male models that starred in her recent catalogue after he caught her eye at his photoshoot, she knows she has to have him. When she stares at him laying relaxing by the pool - a powerful Black stud covered in tattoos - she is under no illusion that this could be the best sex of her life...

Monday, 21 August 2017

The Kardashian Decade

OK so I don't watch the show and I'm not a fan, but this Hollywood Reporter cover did make me think about how far the #IRrevolution has come in "The Kardashian Decade".

This is one of the most famous, glamorous and aspirational families in the world - watched, followed and emulated by millions - and ALL of them prefer Black guys. Including Mom.

The Kardashians are the poster girls for taking the IR vibe mainstream. They've made it hot, desireable and aspirational. They've introduced the IR mindset into fashion and music. They've associated it with liberation and empowerment. They've used it to change how girls want to look and act, influencing hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of girls and women. And they've made themselves very very rich in the process...

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Invader

One of my readers has kindly alerted me to powerful and provocative Belgian/French film "The Invader" - which follows the encounters of an African immigrant who arrives in Brussels in search of a better life.

The film is timely and packs a real punch. It's dark, artistic and allegorical, never shying away from controversial themes of immigration, race, gender and sex - or probing deep-seated white insecurities. It would be wonderful if porn would adopt even a fraction of this depth.

The opening scene is one of the most beautiful and powerful scenes I've seen in cinema and shows what kind of a high-quality film maker Nicolas Provost is. In a scene heavy with allegory, a beautiful naked white woman lays sun-bathing on the beach. She awakens and is drawn to the shore, where she watches spellbound as two African immigrants struggle out of the sea.

Most European films about this theme show the immigrants as poor, helpless, desperate people who should be pitied. The Invader is completely different. African immigrant Amadou is a big, powerful, good looking Black man. He uses his confidence and charm with European women who, of course, have never encountered anything quite like him.

The key character among these women is Agnes, a beautiful, well-to-do but unfulfilled woman who is Amadou's prime target, played brilliantly by the beautiful Stefania Rocca. From the moment he first sees Agnes sitting alone in a cafe, Amadou is filled with curiosity and desire. He has no hesitation in following her and approaching her in a scene which simmers with pure sexual electricity.

I won't spoil what happens next - but you can expect a film that is intensely sexy, whilst at the same time dark, provocative and loaded with deeper meanings. The trailer gives a flavour of what to expect. I'd love to see a lot more films like this being made. Highly recommended.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mia Malkova...Blacked?

With interracial now the dominant genre of porn, it's only a matter of time before all the major adult stars go Black.

In recent weeks we've seen beautiful celebrity porn star Nicole Aniston setting Blacked on fire - in a scene which is surely one of the most powerfully erotic interracial encounters ever produced...

And it looks like next on the list could be the stunning Mia Malkova. There's been a huge campaign on Twitter to encourage Mia into interracial, with many begging her to go to the best of the best first, i.e. Blacked. One bright fan has even mocked up Blacked covers featuring Mia looking absolutely gorgeous and Tweeted them to her...

The good news is that Mia has already worked with Blacked supremo Greg Lansky, so fans believe it's only a matter of time before we see her on Blacked. Memberships will go through the roof! But best news of all, it seems Mia herself is preparing to finally go Black...

One thing's for sure, beautiful Mia has a body built for BBC, so it could be that IR fans won't have long to wait before we see this beauty in the arms of a big Black man...