Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Gabby and Marcel do the deed!

The break out stars of British reality TV show “love Island” are undoubtedly Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville. Their beautiful IR romance hit the headlines and had the whole nation hooked - and it now looks set to make them stars, millionaires and icons of the #IRrevolution!

Part of the reason why the nation fell in love with them was Gabby’s vow not to have sex with Marcel in front of the TV cameras, when all the other stunning beauties on the show had no such inhibitions!

But once the show was over, Gabby couldn't help but share her excitement to get hot under the covers with Marcel in an interview with the show’s gorgeous host, Caroline Flack.

Gabby has now confirmed that she and Marcel enjoyed a marathon of hot, steamy sex on their first night out of the house – and she told The Daily Mail that their night of passion “totally lived up to expectations!”

On why she waited to do the deed, Gabby said: “I don’t feel like I should be shamed for NOT having sex on TV. But I made a promise to my brother and my mum that I wasn’t going to do it. People don’t realise that there’s literally a thousand cameras looking at you all the time. It’s really hard to get sexy. It just didn’t sit well with me.” 

Gabby and Marcel were desperate to get sexy as soon as the show was over - a fact Gabby hinted at in a cheeky Instagram post after touching down back in London when she referenced “a BANGING night”. She went on to say “the gorgeous boyf and I are back! What an absolutely amazing experience!”

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A goddess in the car park

Those who know me will know that I prefer reality to fantasy and the ridiculous exaggeration that floods the internet. Therefore you'll go with me if I tell you that tonight I had one of my absolute best IR sightings ever!

This was a truly mind-blowing sighting that took place in, of all places, a supermarket car park! It was 9pm and after finishing work late, I drove to a very well known supermarket in South London. 

As I pulled in to the car park, my eye was immediately caught by a group who were stood by what I can only describe as the biggest, brightest lime green sports car I've ever seen! This thing was GREEN!

This little group consisted of two Black guys, very dark-skinned, one taller and the other shorter and very well-built, both with shaved heads and gold chains and ear-rings.

With them were two blondes. The first was an attractive girl, wearing fitted black jeans and a tshirt. Normally she alone would have made a top level IR sighting. But it was the other girl who takes this one straight to number 1! I got out of my car to try to get a better view...

Standing with the group was a very tall blonde who I guessed to be in her early twenties. I would say she was about 5 foot 9, with long blonde hair and a gorgeously sexy face. It did cross my mind that she might be foreign - European possibly - but as I attempted to walk past the group as nonchalantly as I could, I caught fragments of their conversation and I realised that she was in fact one of our own - an Essex girl. 

She was wearing dark red, velvet, thigh high, high heeled boots, a short, cropped tshirt, and the tiniest - and I mean tiniest - pair of denim "Daisy Duke" shorts I think it would be possible to wear out in public without getting arrested.

My eyes literally popped out of my head as I drunk in this gorgeous sight: she had the longest, smoothest legs I think I've ever seen, swelling delightfully at the top of the thigh, the flattest stomach, and the jean shorts she was wearing were cut so tiny that it's no exaggeration to say that almost half of her perfect ass was completely on show, the two smooth cheeks clearly visible beneath the rim of those super-tight shorts and separated by a floss-like strip of denim. She was absolutely incredible!

The group were in a conversation that related to going to a nightclub (there are plenty in that area), and I felt a little surprised - and jealous - that they were having a big night out on a Monday night when I was just finishing work and going home! 

Nevertheless, I remembered my girl worshipper skills, and as I walked past them I made sure to stare at the group, and especially the divine Goddess of Gorgeous, with just the right mix of admiration and longing. It wasn't long before I caught her eye and conveyed a suitable look of admiration as she smiled knowingly at me.

When I left the supermarket 20 minutes later the group - and the bright green sports car - had gone.

Monday, 24 July 2017


I've been working to put together a mega post on Australian goddess Emily Sears - so here it finally is!

Emily is a statuesque, 5 foot 8 blonde with an incredible 32DD - 24 - 36 figure and what I can only define as the ultimate "white girls evolving" rear - the kind that makes you want to bow down and worship from afar!

But Miss Sears is not just a beautiful face and body. She's also a social media queen with a huge following of fans. She's known for her bold, intelligent and outspoken postings that make her an iconic inspiration to young female fans...on everything from race and ethnicity, privilege and feminism, and most especially...interracial dating...

Emily's proud declaration of dating Black men. "I don't give a fuck."

Emily Sears drops serious wisdom
Publicly shaming a racist white guy who got upset about white women dating Black men...

Emily keeps her private life private, but she has been rumoured to have dated various different high profile Black guys. She's appeared in hip hop videos (see Ludacris's video "Party Girls" and "I Won" by Future and Kanye West) and she's good friends with legendary British glamour maestro Gavin Glave...

This post could not be complete of course without seeing gorgeous Emily in the flesh and in action...

And here is a shoot for Playboy that shows Emily off to goddess-like perfection...

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Porn revelations...

Porn platforms like XHamster and Pornhub collect their own data on users and the results are not only a mind-blowing insight into the evolving trends of porn, they also say a lot about how our society is evolving sexually. 

Let's cut to the chase. On these sites, women (aged 18 - 44) search for big dick videos almost 50% more than men do.

And - get this - the most popular search term used by women is “big black dick”. That's followed by “big black cock”, followed by “big dick” in third and then “bbc” (short for big black cock). 

Based on the proportion of all searches within a country, the sites found that big black dick, big black cock, and bbc searches were most popular among women in South Africa, followed by the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom. the Netherlands, Australia and Sweden.

Even if we assume that a lot of female profiles online are fake and we discount them, there's no denying obvious conclusions about what porn women are searching for in order to get off when they have the freedom and privacy to look at whatever they want. 

So the next time you're watching IR porn, just think that there are probably a legion of American, Canadian, British, Australian and Swedish women all enjoying the visual pleasures of the BBC! That's the #IRrevolution!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Kelly Brook in Piranha

I caught this "classic" on TV late last night. What should be a bad B movie is completely saved by the presence of one lady - our blog favourite Kelly Brook!

Piranha was one of Brit girl Kelly's first forays to Hollywood and this movie captures one of my all-time favourite goddesses in her absolute prime! She plays a model who is making her name in the saucy videos of a sleazy photographer.

As the camera pans across a Spring break style party scene, Kelly is revealed in all her glory dancing on the deck of a yacht. She is wearing a tiny (and very shiny!) red bikini that struggles desperately to contain her gorgeous curves as she dances to a pounding RnB dance beat.

Then we get the money shot: the slow pan up revealing Kelly in all her glory: long toned legs, smooth thighs glistening with tanning oil, that perfect flat tummy and those full, all natural 34E breasts with nipples standing up erect and proud. Oh my.

Kelly said at the time: 'If people want to cast me in roles for my body or how I look, I’m just going to embrace that'.

Monday, 3 July 2017

A white guy's take on IR...

I was sent this via Tumblr. It's VERY honest, without being over the top and exaggerated - which I like a lot!

"This is one white guy’s take on the interracial phenomenon. Why the white mind is occupied by Big Black Cock in all it’s forms and fetishes. 20 years ago, no one would have guessed the terms “BBC”, “cuckold”, “mandingo”, “snowbunny” and all the rest would be common terms. Now we all know what they mean!

There has been an awakening in the minds of all whites. We have collectively accepted the sexual dominance of the Black male. I fully realize that this is an emotive subject and extreme views are held, both for and against. To my mind, you’re either trying to deny that dominance, or embracing it. I’m totally for white women enjoying BBC.

Let me try explain my position. There are a few reasons I enjoy interracial couples, interracial sex and interracial porn. Most of these are fucked up reasons and I totally expect (hope) you will judge me. So, in no particular order:

Contrast looks awesome: oh yeah! Seeing perfect white female skin next to a muscular ebony stud. Fuck yeah, visual orgasm.

The Big Black Cock: totally gonna give respect where it is due. The Big Black Cock is the stuff of dreams. True, size isn’t everything, you need technique too. But somehow I doubt these guys are lacking in technique either!

Taking her away from me: call it a error in my upbringing. Either nature or nurture. But I see a white girl looking at a Black guy with lust in her eyes and I feel that he’s taking her away from me somehow. It’s not that she was ever “mine”, it’s more like I think (on an almost unconscious level) that I have more of a “right” to her than a Black guy. Consciously battling that thought and telling myself that she chooses a Black cock over any white one turns me on. Maybe it’s nature’s way of ensuring that only the strongest breed. Nature is hijacking the white guy's mind so he finds it hot that the white woman wants bigger and Blacker cock and not his. Weird but cool.

The risk of getting bred: Oh yeah! Seeing a fertile white pussy taking on the massive cum from that monster Black cock. Yeah! Something inside me knows it’s right. Might makes right. And in sexual terms, what is mightier than the BBC? So to the conqueror goes the breeding rights. Only the Alpha males of the pack breed. And so our white women are taken and bred, easy as that. (and hot as fuck!)

Racist part of my brain: I’ll be honest. Most if not all of us have our prejudices. And often our fears are closely linked to our fantasies. When our fears meet our fantasies, the process is often difficult. It might not turn out as we thought. I’ve had the privilege and burden of seeing a few whites girls go Black. It’s a strange feeling to be humbled and turned on at the same time.

But most of all, it just feels right to accept Black sexual dominance. No matter how good of a fuck you think you are or how connected and in love you two are, BBC is a whole other thing. The Black man is physically and sexually superior to any other race. But I think the Black man takes his sexual dominance to another level when fucking a white woman - and she enjoys the best sex of her life!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Love Island - update

All of Britain has been mezmerized by the interracial romance blossoming on Love Island between super-stud Marcel and gorgeous personal trainer Gabby...

But Marcel has shocked viewers by passionately kissing new girl Shannen in Friday night's episode of the dating show, with girlfriend Gabby branding the move 'like cheating'...

Marcel will now have to choose between these two gorgeous blondes - or he could risk his position as Britain's new romantic hero! Which girl will it be - sexy Shannen - or gorgeous Gabby? What a lucky guy!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Blacked: Kendra

Blacked are talking about "breaking the internet" with their latest release - the stunning supermodel-esque Kendra Sunderland taking on five mighty BBCs in what could only be described as every white girl's secret fantasy!

According to the scene set up, Kendra just broke up with her boyfriend. She’s open to having some fun. She meets Jason and gets invited over to his place to hang out by the pool. Little did she know that four other friends of his would be there, and when things get heated she can’t leave anyone out.

Blacked quite simply are unstoppable - taking IR mainstream in the #IRrevolution...

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Love Island Part 2

Love Island's Marcel and Gabby have finally spent the night together in the Hideaway.

Gabby had set her eyes on Marcel from the moment she entered the villa for the dating show. The reality star successfully wooed her with his irresistible confidence before they shared their first steamy kiss last week.

In the new episode, Marcel asks Gabby whether she would like to spend the night alone with him.

Accepting his advances, Gabby gushes: 'I'm really excited. I'm nervous. We have to prepare.' The blonde fitness instructor then prepares for the intimate night with her fellow girl Islanders, including Olivia who gives Gabby her sexiest lingerie for the big evening. She then asks her: 'Do you feel like you're losing your virginity all over again, it's like you're 18?'

When Marcel and Gabby finally get their time alone in The Hideaway, it's not long before they are sharing long hot kisses...

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Love Island

IR romance continues to dominate the TV hit series Love Island, with things steaming up between gorgeous fitness instructor Gabby and rapper Marcel and driving social media into a frenzy.

Now Gabby has asked Marcel to 'be mean' to her, so she can start 'chasing him'. Marcel caught Gabby's eyes as soon as she arrived on the dating show and he instantly won her over with his smooth confidence.

But now that the pair are officially coupled up, Gabby told the rapper: 'You're just so nice. I'm not used to it. Maybe I'm going to do something different, so you can start being mean to me, so I can start chasing you,' she joked. She added: 'I think if we can find something in here, something can definitely go on on the outside, I think we could have a lot of fun.'

The show is definitely worth checking out - boasting a bevy of gorgeous beauties throwing themselves into the fun, including a super-sexy twerking competition...