Friday, 10 March 2017

Black Men Winning

Hey Guys! Things have been pretty busy and I haven't posted in a while, so I wanted to catch up and share some new thoughts with you.

Before I do, I want to thank everybody for all their support of my blog and tumblr. 99% of it is positive, from the guys and the girls - and I am hugely grateful for your appreciation. It's what makes the effort worthwhile. Please remember to take a moment to comment on the posts, feel free to email me any suggestions you have - and remember, I'm always looking for new content, especially readers' real experiences!

Now on to my thought for today.

As a white guy who's been seriously hooked on Interracial for nearly two decades now, I just can't believe how fast the scene is evolving. When I was first starting to become intrigued, I knew there was a major cultural shift underway. I got my education about it from the London club scene, where I discovered clubs that were the domain of well-connected, super confident Black guys and filled with the most stunning white girls. I learned the hard way that the attraction and chemistry between these two groups quite simply could not be contended with. It caused heartache at the time - but since then, I've grown up and come to love it...

Fast forward to now and the change has accelerated more than I could ever have predicted. Interracial porn has exploded - with "interracial" and the terms associated with it like "BBC" being by far the most searched for categories in porn. 

No doubt a lot of this is driven by white guys like me, who, as white girls have turned to Black men, we have turned to the internet. White guys especially now consume porn that celebrates white girls who go Black - and this explosion has gone to a whole new level with the arrival of the unprecedented (my favourite site) which has taken the porn world by storm, won every award imaginable, and won legions of fans both male and female. There could not be a more glamorous and seductive advert for interracial...

The revolution is driven by white women of all ages: many of the most beautiful and sexy white women and girls are now dating Black guys or curious to - and for many it is seen as a "badge of honour" with all the old stigmas almost destroyed. This is manifest by the explosion on social media of a whole new lexicon of hashtags like "#blackguyswinning" or the more direct "#nowhiteboys" and even more in-your-face memes like "sorryken" which is spreading too darn fast to keep with...

In my mind, there is no doubt that Black male white female interracial is the sexual future - and there is a momentum now in place that cannot be stopped. I for one would not want to.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Worship: Kate Upton

Kate Upton on Jimmy Kimmel. Kate combines stunning blonde beauty with that indefineable slightly geeky, slightly self-conscious vibe which is just so darn attractive. How I would love to see this gorgeous girl get Blacked...

Friday, 20 January 2017

My first cuckold experience...Part One

Erika and I were together for two years. The moment I saw her I fell head over heels for her. We met at a friend's wedding and I remember catching sight of this tall blonde in a red dress with a beautiful face and an amazing body and thinking that that was my dream woman right there. I couldn't believe she was on her own - and I suspect it was her overwhelming looks that made the few other single men present at the wedding hesitant to approach her.

We didn't actually get to meet until after the dinner was over but by that time I had pestered everyone around me to find out as much as I could about the mystery blonde. I had found out her name, who she was friends with - and most amazingly of all I discovered what she did for a living: that she was a published model, well-known under a different name. When the dinner was over I persuaded my friend Fiona to introduce me to Erika and, having made me promise not to come on too strong, she finally agreed.

I have to admit I was nervous meeting Erika because she was so stand-out gorgeous, but after Fiona introduced us, I managed to summon it together to chat to her. She was absolutely lovely in person but I reckoned she was making a lot more of an impression on me than probably I was on her! She was amazing. Nevertheless I persevered and by the end of the evening I had given her my number.

It's always difficult when you meet a girl you completely fall for and you've got to wait for her to call. I wondered whether I would even hear from her, but at the end of the next day she sent me a short text message saying it was nice to meet me. I replied and asked if she would meet me for a coffee and so, a week later, we had our first date.

It took a while for Erika and I to get together. She had been through a difficult break-up and wasn't ready to jump into another relationship. At first I knew she wasn't convinced, but I kept trying and over time we grew closer and then we became a couple.

The first year we were together was absolutely amazing and one of the best years of my very lucky life yet. Firstly, Erika is absolutely gorgeous. She's 5 foot 9, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a killer body measuring 34E-25-34 - yes 34E - and yes - that is all-natural! Secondly she is a fantastic person and we had a great time together.

But it was in the second year that something happened that very nearly broke us up. One weekend Erika was staying at my flat and I had to go into work on Saturday. I didn't know it, but during that day Erika had gone on to my laptop to book us a table at a restaurant for later and I had failed to clear my browsing history. This must be one of the most basic but disastrous mistakes in relationships and usually I am very careful, but on this occasion I had forgotten to cover my tracks - and Erika got to see exactly what I like to look at when I am on the internet. Needless to say interracial sites were at the very top of the list - a pretty major discovery for your girlfriend to make.

Erika confronted me about it that evening and let's just say that she was very upset. I will post seperately about this situation which I think a lot of couples in this scene go through. It's real and it's not nice. I tried to excuse and explain but she felt hurt and I really did fear that what she had discovered would cost us our relationship. As it turned out it took us weeks to get over it and I was forced to be honest with Erika in a way that I was never expecting.

Again I will post about this more fully at another time, but the biggest thing that women find hard to deal with about the whole cuckoldry issue is that it makes them feel - initially - that you do not care for them, as ultimately you want to see them with another man. They are just not programmed the way guys are and they assume - and of course "normal" society dictates - that no man should want them to be anything other than completely "with" him and faithful. If he does not care about this, he does not care about you. 

Actually what those of us who have the cuckold desire know, is that the exact reverse is the case. It is absolutely because we adore, worship and care about our women and put them on a pedestal, that the greatest and deepest desire is to see them with another man. For a white guy, it's made all the more intense if the other man is a more stereotypically "powerful" Black man. This was what I had to work very hard to explain to Erika and initially she could not understand it. It was only after a lot of talking and explaining that she began - on some level - to understand it and accept it. That we got through this says more for how incredible she is than I could ever convey.

My first cuckolding experience took some long and hard work to create but it was an experience I will never forget. My relationship with Erika was finally back on the right track after her discovery and I felt that being honest with her had made us closer. Let's face it, I certainly didn't have much option without the risk of losing her. 

Our sex life was active and because Erika is just so goddam sexy to me, making love with her is always an amazing experience. But given my obsession with interracial and cuckoldry I would always fantasise about these things when we made love. It certainly made the sex even more intense for me.

A couple of years prior to meeting Erika, I had been at a London fetish club in the East End and I had met a famous British Black male porn star. I won't name him - but if you've seen any British interracial porn you'll know who he is! I'll refer to him as "Mr X". I had been a fan of his work for a while - he's a big, tattooed, dark-skinned, huge-dicked Black guy who does a lot of interracial scenes that you can find on the net and even some cuckold themed stuff - and I was completely in awe of the way this guy has sex. 

That night at the club, Mr X was with his girlfriend Michelle (a stunningly sexy blonde who has also done adult modelling and has quite a following). The couple were well-known on the scene and certainly were getting a lot of attention that night, but I made it my mission to speak to Mr X and tell him how much of a fan I was of his work. He was a cool guy and thanked me for being a fan. We talked for a while and I told him that if I was ever in the position to try the cuckold experience myself I would love it for him to be involved. I got the impression by his amused smile that Mr X had heard this more than once before, but he was polite and told me that if it ever worked out I should get in touch with him.

With everything that had happened I was trying to be a lot more honest with Erika about my feelings without upsetting her or scaring her away. This is the challenge that faces any guy who is into this scene. Erika and I had talked and I finally got her comfortable enough to say that she did find Black men attractive - but she had only ever had one experience with a Black guy which she said was good but that she did not want to say anymore.

I asked Erika if she would ever consider trying the cuckolding experience with me. While she was no longer surprised by these things, I could tell Erika still had a problem dealing with my desires. I think she found it tough to reconcile my fantasies with what she thought our relationship should be. I myself had very mixed emotions about involving Erika in my fantasies and bringing them into our shared reality, but I knew that my fantasies would never disappear.
What choice did I have...

After weeks of discussing it, I knew that the only way to progress my fantasy was to take it very slowly and gradually (again something I think a lot of cucks don't do patiently enough). I asked Erika if she would grant me a wish: would she come with me to just meet a guy who had experience in the cuckolding scene for a chat about it? There would be no strings and no agenda, just a chat, during the day, in a public place, with a guy who had some genuine experience. 

When Erika finally agreed, I immediately contacted Mr X, reminding him that we had met, explaining my situation with my girlfriend, and asking if he would meet us for an hour one weekend. I assured him I was genuine and I included in my email a standard photo of Erika and I together - nothing wild, just an iphone selfie. To my delight, Mr X replied immediately with some very complimentary words about the pic of Erika. Already it was an incredible turn-on for me - made even better when he agreed to meet us.

We arranged to meet in a coffee shop in central London the following Saturday afternoon. Erika and I discussed it in the days leading up to the meeting and part of me worried that she would not want to go ahead even with the initial meeting. There was a part of me that even hoped that she wouldn't. But when Saturday came, I couldn't let the meeting fall through and I persuaded Erika to at least come with me to the meeting.

As we travelled I could tell Erika was nervous and very undecided about going ahead. The feeling of nerves grew as we got closer to the coffee shop. Before we went in, I held Erika's hand and told her that if she felt at all uncomfortable we would leave immediately. We went inside to meet Mr X. 

The first great pleasure for me was seeing Mr X's eyes light up when he saw my girlfriend. He almost lost his ultra-cool persona! Erika was wearing tight dark blue jeans, boots, a top and a fitted leather jacket, and she looked gorgeous. This was a Black guy who had sex with some seriously hot British and European models, but Erika - in my view - is more attractive than them all. I was glad it looked like Mr X agreed.

The second pleasure was in the relaxed and friendly way Mr X greeted us and made us feel at ease even though we were both nervous as hell. He was confident, funny and a little cheeky - particularly good with Erika - and he told her right upfront that this scene was about treating people well and never making anyone do anything they didn't want to do. The conversation was a little awkward at first, but Mr X made a real effort to put us at our ease and for that I was very grateful. 

We spent an hour with him in total just chatting - and Mr X made it clear how much he found Erika attractive and desireable - without coming on too strong. At a certain point in that hour I could feel the dynamic relax and shift. Mr. X gave Erika the nickname "Supermodel", which I loved - particularly as I could tell that she also found it very flattering!

Mr X told us he would leave it entirely up to us if we wanted to meet him again. As he got up to go, he shook my hand and gave Erika a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Just that alone was probably one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. "That wasn't so bad, was it!" he said and she laughed. To this day I am grateful to Mr X that he made our first step so easy.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Worship: Kate

It's long overdue that I posted about the super-beautiful Brit actress Kate Beckinsale. Most people will know her from seeing her sleek 5 foot 8 frame and long, smooth legs poured into skintight latex in the Underworld movies! This woman is SO beautiful - the definition of a goddess...

 And what we also love about Kate is that there's no shortage of personality either...I could sit and watch these for hours - far far more erotic than porn...

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Worship: Joey

For those who don't know young British glamour model Joey Fisher (well, she's Welsh actually!) I suggest you google her and behold for yourself all 5 foot 8 inches of her insane, goddess-like perfection - including a breath-taking, all-natural, 32GG physique just made in heaven! Just look at the way those remarkable, full breasts hang free!

Joey's social media suggests this girl likes to have a good time: she posted this incredible snapshot of her recent New Years Eve - and she and her friends certainly seem to be having a good time...!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ashley's crush

Ashley Graham has confessed that she would love to be a Bond girl - BUT only on ONE condition - that Idris Elba would be the one playing James Bond!

'The only way I would be able to be a Bond Girl is if Idris Elba was James Bond.' Ashley gushes... 'He is just so fine. He’s confident. He is sexy and he looks like the type of man that just takes charge.'

And Ashley - who's married to Black film director Justin Ervin - is so keen to take on the part that she wouldn't even charge producers. 'I would do it for free for Idris. Don’t tell my husband that, though!' 

I can't help thinking that Ashley would have to join a long line of beautiful women if our powerhouse Idris is the next 007!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Still worshipping Lucy

Readers will be delighted to know that busty Brit goddess Lucy Pinder is still making fabulous female art - and with the release of her 2017 calendar she's looking better than ever...

Our 5 foot 7, raven-haired British beauty may be keeping her breath-taking all-natural 32Gs covered up, but that just adds to her allure and ability to inspire all our fantasies...

 Seeing these new images makes me realise just how far Lucy has come from the shy and blossoming 18 year old first discovered by an amateur photogrpaher on Bournemouth beach...

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Wishing all readers a happy and successful 2017! And to bring in the new year - a few selections of one of my favourite white goddesses - Kelly Brook, some taken from her new 2017 calendar, some screen grabs from her dating show...

Whilst the calendar pictures above are beautiful, I believe there is nothing quite like seeing less posed and more natural photos to truly understand a woman's beauty. I get more out of looking at the photos below than I do from looking at any kind of adult material: Kelly is so womanly, so shapely, so fine. With her beautiful (all natural) breasts straining to break free from beneath these amazing dresses, these captured moments are sublime...

Monday, 26 December 2016

Cali Goes Black!

I am a huge fan of gorgeous blonde super porn star Cali Carter - who has just signed to a new company ArchAngel...

Christmas has brought joyful tidings from Cali: she has announced on her social media that ArchAngel have set up her up with her VERY FIRST EVER interracial scene, which will appear soon on ArchAngel! 

Cali said: “There’s so much that I would love to say about my first interracial scene. This is something that I have been waiting very patiently to open up to my fans. I waited because it's something that I wanted to be remembered for forever. For my first interracial scene, I had so much input on how I wanted it to look and who was my talent! I couldn't have asked for a better scene. This scene wasn't just about me, but it was also about my fans, and giving them something that they’ll always remember and want. I am very excited about the release date being Christmas—it’s the best Christmas present that I can get to my fans. Merry Christmas!”

For us interracial obsessives, let's hope that this is the beginning of a lot more IR action for Cali - and that it inspires more beautiful girls to become part of the fastest growing most popular genre of porn!