Monday, 22 May 2017

Blacked: Nicole

This week, a long-awaited event in the IR world is about to come to pass: Nicole Aniston is getting Blacked!

Nicole is one of the few top level porn stars left who hasn't gone Black - until now! All that has changed, thanks to the legendary!

Hopefully, Nicole's conversion will be the break in the dam that heralds a whole new flood of adult models trying IR, as well as providing yet more inspiration for all the beautiful white girls out there to try BBC!

The scene itself has been expertly shot and Nicole is looking absolutely stunning, cast as a white woman determined to be successful in life - and her Black personal trainer is right there alongside her to push her further than she’s ever been pushed before...



Monday, 15 May 2017

Worship: Laura

Gorgeous long-legged blonde Laura Whitmore was spotted returning to her hotel holding hands with Ore Oduba after a night of partying at the BAFTA Awards.
Before returning to their hotel, the pair posed together for a playful snapshot. Taking to Instagram to share the image, Laura wrote of Ore: 'This day one year ago I met this guy @oreodubaofficial and now I have a friend.. and dance floor buddy for life love ya xx.'
Several hours later, Ore reposted the shot on his own account, along with the caption: 'I'll be there to hold your hand for many years to come @thewhitmore...’

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A fantasy...

I hated having to be away on business when my daughter was back from college for the summer. But she seemed pretty happy just chilling out around the house doing her own thing...

He’d been watching her for several minutes as she lay out by the pool. It wasn’t his usual day to be at the Williams house but Desmond was hoping to collect all his money in early for this month’s work.

When there was no answer at the front door, he’d made his way around the back of the house to the back gate - and it was there that he laid eyes on her. The beautiful young white girl lying in the sun by the pool must be Williams’s daughter.

He opened the gate, entered the pool patio and crossed over to the girl on the sun lounger. She was stunning, her beautiful body lying naked and glistening in the sun as she listened to music.

For several minutes the Black man drank in every inch of her, until she finally became aware of another presence and suddenly sat bolt upright: “Oh my God!” she cried out, looking embarrassed as she fumbled to pull out her headphones.

Desmond smiled down at her. “Hey no problem, miss, I’m sorry to disturb you! I’m Desmond, I work for your father, it’s cool. I was supposed to do some work here today...”

Monday, 8 May 2017

A fantasy...

It was so good to get a Sunday morning phone call from my daughter. Since she moved to Los Angeles she’d told me that she’d found her way into a very exclusive scene. I gathered it was a mix of the modelling world and the music business. She told me she was very happy and it seemed to be what she wanted. But of course I worried. All those weekend parties at the Bel Air homes of super-rich rappers. I couldn’t keep up with it or who was who. But that’s what all these girls seem to want these days and I guess that’s the changing world we live in. I just want her to be safe and happy and enjoy her life...

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Worship: Kendall

I'm not the biggest fan of the Kardashian / Jenner clan - but I have to admit that 21 year old 5 foot 10 Kendall really is a gorgeous girl. She looked absolutely stunning at The Met Gala - and see to be having an amazing time with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, her sisters and a whole host of gorgeous supermodels...

Friday, 5 May 2017

Holly in Barbados

One of my all-time top babes Holly Peers has been enjoying a holiday in Barbados - and luckily for us, she's posted a few gorgeous, tantalizing pics of the good times she's been having out there! Just look at that GORGEOUS bikini shot!

To me there's nothing sexier than seeing a beautiful white girl proudly adopting aspects of West Indian or African looks and culture - and Holly looks absolutely beautiful doing it! No wonder she was sad to leave...

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Worship: Ashley Emma

Gorgeous Ashley Emma gives new meaning to the hashtag / phrase "white girls evolving" - she has one of the most beautiful asses I think I've ever seen - made for total worship!

Ashley started modelling when she was sixteen. Then she was one of the gorgeous contestants on Lucy Pinder's "Make Me A Glamour Model" on Nuts TV which launched her glamour career properly.

This gorgeous blonde Essex girl considers her best feature to be "her bum" - although a case could be made for any part of her gorgeous 32D-23-34 figure - and lucky for us, she makes no secret of her preference in men...

Out of interest for trivia fans, Ashley is also best friends with fellow glamour model Alice Goodwin who is married to Black soccer star Jermaine Pennant...

Monday, 24 April 2017

Lacey and the BBC

UK glamour model Lacey Banghard (great name!) is the latest victim of the leaked photos craze.

Now Lacey is certainly not the only British glamour model who's into Black guys - that we all know - but she is the first one to be leaked on video with a BBC!

She starts off being shy as apparently she prefers not to record it, but the "strong, silent type" Black dude seems to want a souvenir of his night with a famous glamour girl. Maybe this is just a one-night-stand kinda guy who likes to brag about fucking a famous hottie, who knows. I’m sure the other glamour models, who are probably fucking different Black dudes on a weekly basis, are either deleting their photos and videos or asking their partners about deleting the videos - but let's hope it's not long before we get to see more evidence of something that we all know is going on behind closed doors when the VIP clubs close...

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The return of Wifey

As you guys will know, I am slightly in love / obsessed with the gorgeous, unrivalled, all-American blonde super-MILF Wifey. If you don't know her, you've been either living in a cave - or not reading my blog enough!

It was a while back now that Wifey revealed that she has "a thing" for Black guys - firstly with her talking about her attraction to and sexual fantasies about Black porn star Lex Steele - and then with videos appearing on her site of her with life-like Black cock dildos which, for an IR obsessive like me, was like a dream come true!

Now, finally, it seems that Wifey is embracing the Queen of Spades lifestyle for real, with the gradual release of new videos featuring her with some very lucky Black male fans. I emailed Wifey recently to tell her how much I loved her new move into IR and to ask her whether she would be releasing more IR material. She was sweet enough to reply the same day - and the news is very good: there's going to be "a lot more"!

Seeing a beautiful woman like this go Black is surely one of the most beautiful, glamorous and erotic sights on Earth. The connection and chemistry between a beautiful white woman and a Black man is absolutely undeniable and unbeatable.

Thank you Wifey!