Monday, 24 April 2017

Lacey and the BBC

UK glamour model Lacey Banghard (great name!) is the latest victim of the leaked photos craze.

Now Lacey is certainly not the only British glamour model who's into Black guys - that we all know - but she is the first one to be leaked on video with a BBC!

She starts off being shy as apparently she prefers not to record it, but the "strong, silent type" Black dude seems to want a souvenir of his night with a famous glamour girl. Maybe this is just a one-night-stand kinda guy who likes to brag about fucking a famous hottie, who knows. I’m sure the other glamour models, who are probably fucking different Black dudes on a weekly basis, are either deleting their photos and videos or asking their partners about deleting the videos - but let's hope it's not long before we get to see more evidence of something that we all know is going on behind closed doors when the VIP clubs close...

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The return of Wifey

As you guys will know, I am slightly in love / obsessed with the gorgeous, unrivalled, all-American blonde super-MILF Wifey. If you don't know her, you've been either living in a cave - or not reading my blog enough!

It was a while back now that Wifey revealed that she has "a thing" for Black guys - firstly with her talking about her attraction to and sexual fantasies about Black porn star Lex Steele - and then with videos appearing on her site of her with life-like Black cock dildos which, for an IR obsessive like me, was like a dream come true!

Now, finally, it seems that Wifey is embracing the Queen of Spades lifestyle for real, with the gradual release of new videos featuring her with some very lucky Black male fans. I emailed Wifey recently to tell her how much I loved her new move into IR and to ask her whether she would be releasing more IR material. She was sweet enough to reply the same day - and the news is very good: there's going to be "a lot more"!

Seeing a beautiful woman like this go Black is surely one of the most beautiful, glamorous and erotic sights on Earth. The connection and chemistry between a beautiful white woman and a Black man is absolutely undeniable and unbeatable.

Thank you Wifey!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Gemma and Idris

Sometimes I take my eye off the ball and miss things - as I did with the phenomenal news that the gorgeous Gemma Arterton has been paired up with Idris Elba in the new film 100 Streets.

Gemma is newly single - and super cool Idris has been linked to a host of stunning beauties - but it seems the two only had eyes for each other in the insanely steamy clips from the film - one of which I have posted on my Tumblr at

This scene looks beautiful and intensely erotic - with insane chemistry as Gemma looks lost in the moment as she runs her hands over Idris (what I wouldn't give to be in his place with the gorgeous Gemma - lucky man!)

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Kendra Part Deux

I found this wonderful video which, just as much as the xxx stuff, showcases the absolute beauty of the lovely Kendra Sunderland. As you'll seem, she is the archetypal sweet, small town white girl and it's beautiful to see her talking about Black men. Watch and adore!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Celebrating Kendra

Of all the beautiful white girls moving into IR thanks to the new revolution in IR mega-sites like Blacked, gorgeous Kendra Sunderland has to be this year's top girl. Thank you, thank you, thank you Blacked for bringing us this divine goddess. Guys - if you don't know about Kendra, I suggest you become a disciple right now!

Kendra is a gorgeous young small town blonde from Oregon. At 5 foot 9 she could easily be a supermodel, but for her incredible, all natural, 32G breasts - both of them beautifully pierced! After posing for Playboy - Kendra was invited to shoot for Blacked being introduced to the industry as their brand new starlet!

I love this wikipedia entry: "Kendra is known for having very large natural breasts (wearing a 32G cup) which is unusual for someone with such a slender frame. Both of her nipples are pierced and she wears studs through them. Her belly button is also pierced." LOL

But it is Kendra's supermodel looks, unbelievable beauty and stunning body that make it such an outstanding pleasure to see her Blacked. It's as if Blacked carried out a survey of guys and asked them to describe their perfect white girl - and Kendra was the result.

From these incredible pictures, you can see the incredible chemistry she has with her Black male leads - and these photos don't convery half of the sheer sexual electricity in the videos. This is ART - and any white girl thinking of trying Black should look at these beautiful pictures...

Friday, 14 April 2017

Kelly up close and personal

These pics have been doing the rounds on the internet for a while but I just had to post them again to remark upon just how goddam beautiful, divine and goddess-like our very own Kelly Brook is. I never am sure whether these photos get "leaked" deliberately or not - but either way I dream of being the one to get to this close. I love this woman - just look at that body - and then imagine being in that bed...

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Another proud IR couple

Another beautiful BM/WF couple on social media - gorgeous, sexy and in love.

Couples like this are really promoting the #IRMovement. Something for all you beautiful girls out there - (and the guys of course!) - to aspire to...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Hot IR news in this week: Hush Hush Entertainment, home of the mighty Black porn star Dredd, have just contracted beautiful 19 year old Sable Jones, a stunning young brunette fresh to the adult industry. For IR lovers this is incredible news - Sable is absolutely gorgeous! We can't wait to see her go Black with the best! Good luck Sable - have fun!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Can it be so wrong?

Modern and progressive white couples now have the opportunity to embrace a whole new level of sex life that will bring them more satisfaction than ever before.

Most healthy white couples, if they open up to the concept of the interracial hotwife / girlfriend and cuckold lifestyle, will experience a relationship more wonderful in so many ways:

The women benefit the most from this new lifestyle as they will have more sex and better sex. Their satisfaction becomes the main priority!

Black men will also benefit because they will get to enjoy having sex with as many women as possible without being forced to have a “normal relationship” with the daily arguments, concerns and fights that become such a drag.

White boys will also benefit because they will no longer feel the constant pressure to satisfy their women. They can focus more on their work and the desire to bring home more income to please their women so they can live in greater luxury and comfort.

But the greatest benefit will be to the human race as racism will be forever destroyed. Racial harmony will govern daily life along with a new female empowerment. Can that be so wrong?